Смотрите прямую трансляцию GGProTeam на www.twitch.tv

Receive GGP token for every hour of playing.

The reward for each hour of gaming activity is 5 GGP tokens

Currently the platform supports following games:

Exchange GGP tokens for fiat or another cryptocurrency

Users of GGP platform can convert GGP tokens on the intraplatfrom exchange GGP.Echange and on the other cryptocurrency exchanges at any time.

Sell and buy in-game items for GGP tokens.

An Auction system is implemented on the GGPro platform, so the users can buy, sell and exchange in-game items.

Invite friends and receive GGP tokens.

Take part in the referral program and receive 10 GGP tokens for each friend you invite to the platform.

Receive GGP tokens from game developers.

Take part in the closed beta testing and early-access games and receive GGP tokens and exclusive rewards from the developers.

Device store GGPro.Shop

Buy game devices for GGP tokens

Take part in the development of the platform and receive tokens for your efforts.

Complete the tasks from the platform developers and help promote the platform.